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NanZee Sensing Technology located at Suzhou Industrial Park

NanZee Sensing Technology located at Suzhou Industrial Park, is a company founded by R&D team focused on applications of distributed fiber sensing technology from Nanjing University, China. We develop and manufacture sensors and equipments based on opto-electronics for monitoring in civil engineering and geosciences. It is a fast growing technology company and owns patents, proprietary technologies and know-how. NanZee has emerged as a leader in the opto-electronic sensing industry in the global market.

The company develops and manufactures optical fiber sensors and data loggers which are used for measuring strain, stress, displacement, pressure, temperature and etc. Besides the development and integration of distributed monitoring systems which are applied in civil engineering and geosciences, NanZee also provides consultation, solution, test, OEM and other services centered on fiber optic sensing technology. These technology and products are widely used for the intelligent monitoring, health diagnosis, disaster warning and safety evaluation of foundations, anchors, tunnels, bridges, subways, railways, highways, landslides, steel and concrete structures, embankments, gas pipelines, large tanks and facilities and structures.

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